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  • Electric Pulse For Back Pain

    Electric Pulse For Back Pain

    Electric pulse for back pain A charge pulse generator, an exposure generator, and a method of outputting a charge pulse Disclosed is a charge pulse generator for use in an exposure generating apparatus in the field of digital photography, comprising a frequency division and...Read More

  • Electronic Pulse Stimulator

    Electronic Pulse Stimulator

    Electronic pulse stimulator Jet pulse generator and massager and method A massage system having at least one pair of fluid-filled chambers (21, 22) and a jet alternately connecting the at least one pair of fluid-filled chambers (21, 22) to a source of pressurized fluid Switch...Read More

  • Portable Muscle Massager

    Portable Muscle Massager

    Portable muscle massager Portable muscle massager product features It not only has acupuncture, thumping, massage, cupping, massage, scraping, slimming and other functions, but also has a unique immunomodulatory function, and originality to develop a room temperature infrared...Read More

  • Prospera Electronic Pulse Massager

    Prospera Electronic Pulse Massager

    Prospera electronic pulse massager Prospera electronic pulse massager knowledge Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is a powerful instantaneous energy field that is very sensitive to energy waves and can damage numerous power systems and high-tech microcircuits in the distance. The...Read More

  • Electric Stimulation For Neck Pain

    Electric Stimulation For Neck Pain

    Electric stimulation for neck pain Ultra-wideband narrow pulse generator with sub-nanosecond duration An ultra-wideband narrow pulse generator of sub-nanosecond duration is a "carrier" used for providing communication in a near-field high-speed wireless...Read More

  • Clarisonic Face Cleansing Brush Scrubber

    Clarisonic Face Cleansing Brush Scrubber

    clarisonic face cleansing brush scrubber Face-cleansing mode Charge 1 hour before using Pick up the handle Apply facial cleanser on the brush. Wet the face Press the function button for long enough to enter into face-cleansing mode adjust the speed of the brush Start Cleaning...Read More

  • Tens Unit For Sciatica

    Tens Unit For Sciatica

    Tens unit for sciatica Tens unit for sciatica principle: The central control part simultaneously generates S1-Sn positive and negative pulses. The width, interval time and amplitude of each pulse are adjustable. The pulse shaping part combines the waveforms of S1-Sn and...Read More

  • Cleansing Brush

    Cleansing Brush

    Cleansing brush Cleansing brush knowledge Cleansing instrument with A: depends on the type of skin! Oily skin due to more oil, cuticle hypertrophy, with scrub type of scrub-type products. Neutral skin is the use of lotion or gel texture can be. For dry and sensitive skin, in...Read More

  • Face Scrub Brush

    Face Scrub Brush

    Face scrub brush Face scrub brush knowledge Is not bad acne muscle and sensitive muscle to say goodbye A: Of course not! On acne muscle: First of all, it should be clear that there is a large part of Zhangdou because daily cleaning work did not do place, leading to the...Read More

  • Clarisonic Pro

    Clarisonic Pro

    Clarisonic pro Clarisonic pro knowledge Cleansing instrument is the latest in the rise of cleansing way in recent years, also known as the face wash brush, the main use of ultrasonic waves to wash the hair brush on the hair shaking, so as to achieve efficient and stimulating...Read More

  • Sonic Face Brush

    Sonic Face Brush

    Sonic face brush Sonic face brush knowledge Pregnant women should follow the doctor's advice Can not be used in the eye, Adam's apple, bone and joint sites Plastic parts, such as implants People with heart disease, especially those with pacemakers Apply sufficient...Read More

  • Clarisonic Sale

    Clarisonic Sale

    Clarisonic sale clarisonic sale knowledge (1) Gardianni current and electric pulse (EMS) mode: micro-current pulse modulation technology is applied to human skin, meridians and acupoints to achieve the purposes of beauty, such as cleaning, introducing, firming and relaxing...Read More

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