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The High-end Market Attractive Prospects Massager
- Jan 16, 2017 -

China's investment in high-tech industries massager massager is increasing year by year, high-grade massager market demand also increased year by year. The development of massage appliance products should be with the development of the market, as long as the market demand, the enterprise must massage to explore, to occupy the high-end market. With China's deepening reform and opening up, high-grade building fast development, high-end massager Market Outlook, high-end massager market demand also increased year by year, the strength of the brand will gradually appear.

Now, it is the domestic industry to massage technique, to high-grade, intelligent system massager to profit.

Some small business equipment backward, is still in the purely mechanical manufacturing stage, far from the distance from new massage appliance field of light mechanical and electrical integration, brought to improve the quality of the whole massager industry hidden. Massage mutual opening rate, prevention is not strong also caused a lot of consumer dissatisfaction.

At present, many domestic enterprises for massage competitiveness comes from the low cost, the price war must be in full swing, the massager industry profits are increasingly thin, some massage low added value necessary for production process to produce, but a few cents profit massager. Senior industry believes that the system of massage industry in urgent need of technical and industrial upgrading, update the brand innovation model.

Innovation massager industry, enterprises need to change the idea, change to imitate the main ideas, grasp the independent technology, increase equipment, technology, research and development investment and innovation, improving product technology content, increase product differentiation.