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Smart TENS Massager
- Aug 22, 2017 -

Smart TENS Massager 

Basic Info

  • Origin:China

Smart TENS Massager Description

Lightweight Intelligent Fat Sports Machinery 

Detailed Product Description
1) The ultra-long waves technology helps to achieve slimming effect faster and More effectively
2) Helps to burn extra fat on the belly, waist, hip and legs
3) Eliminates pregnancy and other veins which makes the skin firmer
4) 24 magnets help activate cells, promotes metabolism and make skins more Glossy and firmer
5) Clear and large LCD indicator for you to master the slimming progress
6) Seven sets of personal data, such as height and weight, can be recorded and changed

Smart TENS Massager packing:
paper box

Smart TENS Massager show


Smart TENS Massager Key Specifications/Special Features:

Product features:
1. Use integrated design, lightweight portable and fashionable

2. Easy and simple operation via the app controlled by phone, Bluetooth wireless connection

3. Virtual relax pavilion, deeply integrated the life scenes, massage scenes with music

Functions: health care and beauty
Relax body, relieve pain, stimulate muscles

Massage action: knead, press, beat, elbow, squeeze, acupuncture, cupping jar, scraping

Operating principle:

Use low-frequency output of bio mimetic micro electric current and conduct with electrodes
Different electric current signals simulate indifferent massage actions like knead, press, squeeze, hammer
To help relax your muscles, alleviate fatigue and stimulate blood circulation