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Pulse Massager manufacturing in china
- Sep 19, 2017 -

Electronic Pulse Massager Detail

Electronic Pulse Massager Basic Info

  • Model NO.:OBK-108

Pulse Massager Description

  Home mini slimming massager with electrode pads
1.  10 massage power levels
2.  Improve blood circulation
3.  Reduce pain from muscle and nerve
4.  Be good at health care and slimming 
5.  Stimulate the acupuncture points with bioelectricity
Identity and Function:
1.  This machine can massage almost every part of the body with alectrode physiotherapy patches.
2.  Eight kinds of massage modes can be alternated ,e.g. kneading ,rolling ,taping and etc.
3.  It can be widely applied to stiff shoulder ,numb nerve endings and exhausted muscles, and  the machine is very useful to promote blood circulation,increase the energy of the cells and relieve sour muscles and joints
Image of our products:
    Our design philosophy is to help more in long-term state of subhealth office workers return to health.
Pulse Massager Application of this produt:
1.  It is suitable for office workers.Because it can relieve the work pressure effictively
2.  women who had given birth to the child.
3.  Suitable for long-term chronic disease for people struggling with
4.  Suitable for fat people
Pulse Massager advantages:
This product has advantage of compact design ,eassy to carry. Equipped with batteries,you can use it anywhere, anytime . At the same time  attached are two pairs of electrode pads. And these electrode pads can be used multiple times .

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