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Mini Foot Massager
- Nov 18, 2017 -

Mini Foot Massager Basic Info

  • Type: Rolling

  • Trademark: neutro-packing

  • Working Principle: Mechanical Massager

  • Origin: Guangdong, China

Product Description

Be sure to keep your feet in warm water for a while before use.
Just touch your sole lightly and softly after you soften foot.
Use the parts by turns of the roughest to the fine until horniness or callus cleared away thoroughly.

Use natural polishing stone and nylon brush to clear feet.
Wash feet in warm water.
Three rotating resurfacing parts remove dull surface layers to improve skin texture, Polish and smoothen rough and callus skin.
Nine different resurfacing parts in nickel material are for different callus
Remove horniness from sole
Please use make-up sponge to massage and clean your skin
Please sponge to rub down your skin, and boost the ability of your skin metabolism.
Soft nylon brush to clear up all the scurf clings on the surface. No harm to your skin.
Crude Polish accessory to rip the tough skin ans cutin off.
Crub Polish accessory to rip the tough skin and cutin off.
Fine surface part removes dull surface layers ans meanwhile trims nails.
Triangle resurfacing part quickly removes callus.
Medium-rough surface part makes your foot skin more smooth and soft.
Natural polishing stone improves skin texture.