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Mini Eye Massager
- Aug 24, 2017 -

Mini Eye Massager Product Detail

Mini Eye Massager Basic Info

  • Model NO.:LN8008

  • Trademark:QQL

  • Origin:Guangdong, China

Mini Eye Massager Product Description

The skin care active essence into skin bottom 100%
1, Giant cost-effective, An investment in long-term use absolute value
2, Save time, in home care for just a few minutes with ultrasonic cosmetic effect, easy to have perfect skin
3, Effect ≥ Beauty salon, The essence of skin care products are all "eat", Don't waste your time and money, Effect of stunning beauty

28 days to witness the true effect, reversed skin memory
1 minutes to the skin to a beauty SPA
Every day or night use, every time 1 minutes, promote glue source protein production, improve the speed and depth of infiltration of the skin, accelerate blood circulation
7 days the skin was moist and smooth
The skin more moist, smooth and compact, dry grain to decrease
28 days the skin will take on an altogether new aspect
Wrinkle reduction 32%
The skin shiny increased 33%
The elasticity of the skin increased 30%
Black rim of the eye to reduce 55%

Mini Eye Massager