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Massager Trends: Focus On User Needs And Experience
- Jan 16, 2017 -

Innovative design reflects culture and taste

In the shape of the design into the culture, personality grade attention. On the market, all kinds of massage styles, variety, but the real from the beginning of the design of various cultural connotation as the design concept into one of the few. Shu Shu R & D team from a few years ago began to explore and try to explore this area.

Energy saving safety

Energy saving and safety is now in production in the massager industry. Good comfort during use to massage, not because of accidental damage to the use, this is other manufacturers can have massage.

Promote intelligent massage

Development of application of automatic induction technology and intelligent massage, massage together to ascend to a new height, Home Furnishing intelligent in the near future will enter the homes of ordinary people.

Functional user needs and experiences

From the massager industry development trend, user experience and product personalized attention have been arranged to the first. Good to Shu developers from applications, users of the product demand, the consumer habits of the existing market indoor locks of extensive research, combined with the real estate customer feedback, a new design in the massage function, to meet the needs of the family.