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Massager Crazy Sales Strategy
- Oct 26, 2017 -

This case comes from a student of our Hunan, when he chose to sell portable vibration massager, as the first pot of gold mining projects, confident purchase of more than ten thousand dollars of goods, and then crazy advertising, Along the street to sell, the results of a month down tired and did not sell a few, in the confused confused when we joined the micro-Valley transformation of the VIP members of the mansion, we got the guidance of our team Zhou teacher, only a few simple The steps in a week sold out all the goods, made a fortune, became a veritable little boss.

Specific successful steps are as follows:

1, first of all, to the "Taobao" purchase a number of automatic fever analgesic stickers (wholesale price of 2 yuan / paste, the market price of 10 yuan).

2, through the leaflets, distributed in the vegetable market to the elderly, and vigorously promote the efficacy and value of painkillers paste, and in the leaflets above marked, holding this leaflets can receive a free gift of 10 yuan worth of paints The

3, the door free of charge to receive drug stickers of customers, teach them how to massager points through the pressure to more effectively with the drug stickers used to treat pain, while using a large number of customer testimony to prove acupuncture with the effect of drug stickers, , Encourage customers to buy vibration massager instead of manual massager acupuncture, and create a vibration massager acupuncture acupuncture care and analgesic effect.

4, when the customer hesitated, tell the customer can get the value of 198 yuan free vibration massager: "In fact, you can get a free vibration today, massager, you only need to invest 2 treatment 20 stickers paints stickers, You can not spend a penny to get the value of 198 yuan of vibration massage, due to the limited number of vibration vibrator activities, and the purchase of special, gift is no, as long as you sign here to give you a stay On a quota. "Finished, come up with a purchase order for customers to sign to pay, in advance on the purchase order has been prepared to buy a lot of buyers.

On such a simple process down, vibration massager crazy hot!

The case we have read, I hope you are not just intoxicated in the case of the wonderful, but let us together to deep analysis of vibration massager behind the success of the marketing tips is what.

Tip 1: Use low-cost high-value and meet the needs of the target customer "analgesic stickers" as a free gift of "drainage gifts" to attract a large number of target customers.

Tip 2: shape the value of drug stickers, and use a large number of customers to stimulate customers to stimulate the customer's trust and desire to buy, for the next sale of paints stickers, for a strong bedding.

Tip three: through the acupuncture points with the use of drug stickers, guide the vibration massager, and the vibration of the main product as a gift to gift, to produce a greater impetus.

Tip 4: By describing the limited number of gifts to create scarcity, and hinted that the purchase of people in particular, by gold to create a sense of urgency.

Tip five: by taking out the purchase order, show the purchase order above a lot of buyers to sign, to seize the people's "herd mentality", so that customers completely put aside doubts, immediately signed to pay.

See here, I believe you have slowly realized the power of the gift marketing, but I want to tell you that this is just a beginning, the back of the share will be more and more shock you!