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Massager - Can Not Treat The Pain Of The Waist And Legs
- Oct 26, 2017 -

People on the age, neck and shoulder pain will go hand in hand, the market a variety of massager after another.

More and more old people, directly to the massager to buy home, as the pain of the savior;

More and more children, the massager as a gift to share their children to filial piety.

We will think: massager, should be with the artificial hand massager is not much difference?

Jinzhou soft tissue surgery hospital Fu Rongwei Dean said:

Clinically found that the elderly massager therapist as a means of treatment caused by a lot of problems.

The massager can be imitated in a limited way

There are two main categories of massager on the market:

One is the manual operation of the simple massage, such as massager sticks, massager hammer, etc., there are electric, electromagnetic points, mostly by AC vibration massager;

The other is the need for manual operation of the massager chair, massage bed, etc., is also AC drive.

Regular massager techniques include swing, vibration, vibration, squeeze, percussion, sports joints and other six categories of skills, and massager can only imitate one or two of them, very limited.

Simple massager or vibration, press the way, or percussion, according to kneading method; massager chair and massager bed is mainly squeeze class method, and some with the vibration method. As for the neck, lumbar joint dislocation of the reset approach, the size of the joints of the traction techniques and some add massager medium friction, massager can not imitate. "

Do not worry about the cause of the damage with a massager

Massager market is booming, indicating that many buyers. Doctors do not deny the massager can relieve fatigue, and sometimes can relieve pain, but the people often see only the appearance of the disease, that joint pain is joint disease, all with a massager to solve the pain, but will cause other side effects.

To knee pain, for example, if there is red, swollen, hot performance, there may be infectious diseases such as osteomyelitis, massager with massager not only can not relieve pain, but will lead to inflammation spread, pain intensified;

If it is acute joint sprain, had to cold cold therapy to stop bleeding, if the use of massager to stimulate the internal bleeding but further aggravated, the affected area becomes more swollen;

If the aseptic inflammation in the acute attack with excessive massager with the massager, will lead to exacerbations;

Very thin patients to be careful, because unbearable force, with the massager not only did not solve the original problem, but also may lead to new soft tissue damage.

In addition, the intensity of massager, time to grasp well, may also cause excessive use of massager, hazardous to health.