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Massage Brush Intelligent Meridian Brush Magic Hair Brush Salon Beauty Equipment with Ce
- Mar 10, 2018 -

Head: Brush from forehead to after brain, each position about 30 times, do not need essential oil.
Neck: Brush from top to the bottom often, can prevent diseases.
Back: brush from top to the bottom.
Lower limbs: brush from top to the bottom.
Foot: a massage from heel to toes.
Abdomen: brush from top right to the bottom.
Upper limbs: brush from top to the bottom.
Legs: brush from the shank to the top, it' s good for lymphatic drainage, remove edema.
Nominal voltage: AC100-240V 
Output power: 12V
Weight: 0.8KG
Packing size : 23* 18.5*10cm
Charge or no: charging
-Hydrolifting: lead in essential oil directly, speed up the nutrition absorption
-Vibration Massage: promote blood circulation, ease muscle aches.
-Micro Current Mediation: enhance metabolism and the elasticity of tissue
-Heat Energy: improve collateral circulation
-Infrared Ray: remove blood stasis and smooth away the pain
Five top advantage of our product!
-Activate veins and collaterals: speed up blood circulation
-Relieve fatigue: improve sleep and ease fatigue
-Slim shape: rev up fat burning 
-Accelerating absorption: absorb the essence faster
-Infiltrate essential oil: cylinder needle speed up the absorption