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How To Describe The Four Models Of The Mini Massager
- Oct 11, 2017 -

I often received a call from the customer said to the mini massager, usually I heard the word, my mind will be in the end of which is it? Because our products are small mini-type, can be called it. And then I will blurt out of the question: "I would like to ask you what is it? Please give me the product model Oh?" The customer is also confused, he said: "I did not see the model marked ah, The name. "This I know, this customer has 80% of the possibility of an outside station or Baidu to see my home information, and may not indicate the specific model. There is little to understand that this customer is not familiar with our products. I said: "If you are in the computer before? Yes QQ? I add you, we chat, send pictures to confirm, or I put each style of the details of the message to you." If the customer just in the Internet, that It is convenient to carry out the next communication. And some 40-50 year old middle-aged customers that he did not know the Internet, or not in front of the computer, but on the train or an exhibition to see this product, would like to do this small business it. This time, how do we describe the various products, so as not to confuse the product, reported the wrong price, the wrong goods? I sorted out their own experience to share with you:

We now produce a mini massager a total of four styles: models are B03, XF-69, B06, B10. When the customer asked to mini triangular type, then directly exclude B06, and I would like to explain with the customer: the triangle has three styles, you look at the top cover is printed with mim @ a few letters, if there is that Is the model B03, if not, then left xf-69 and B10. Then I will ask: you see the picture or the contents of the introduction of strong and weak double file? These two lower body is exactly the same, that is, the difference between the function, B10 has a stall set, you can adjust the strength of vibration, is xf-69 upgrade version. If this can not be identified, it can only start from the top cover, xf-69 top cover has two colors, the middle is a small gray cover, the outer ring is color, with the fuselage color. The B10's top cover with the fuselage color exactly the same, no 2 colors, the roof also a little ripple. This can be done completely under it! Speaking of B06, as long as the customer said to see what is below a large disc, there are a little bit above, the top cover with petal shape to understand why. Many customers is to talk about this, was a fancy a product, the results are each style is a little, go back and sell to see which is most suitable for his market.

Although it is a long time to do so, but in order to serve every customer, not to let customers lose a good product to get rich opportunities, nor let us mini-massager manufacturers lose a potential customer, as a marketing staff, This is what we have to do! Whether you will buy this product, as long as you have any questions, we are willing to give you detailed and patient answers. In fact, in the exchange with customers, can learn a lot of things. Some humorous funny customers, can not do business relationship, pay a friend, why not? I think the success = patience + careful + intentions, three heart together, will win!