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Electric Wash Face Instrument Effect, How About
- Jun 30, 2017 -

main effect

Exfoliating Horny is composed of multiple layers of dead cells, part of the skin, located in the skin of the outermost layer. Normal stratum corneum can effectively protect the skin, but if the stratum corneum is slow, it will cause the skin to produce uneven skin tone, dull, poor water retention and other issues, in this case can be considered using Electric Wash Face machine to remove Cuticle.

2. body clean. Electric Wash Face instrument is usually configured with a relatively large, soft wash brush, the brush can be used to wash your face, you can also use the bath when the body, and occasionally use the effect of wonderful.

3. Remove stubborn horny (dead skin). In addition to the big brush and soft wash brush, wash the face of the product may also be configured a relatively hard matte head, the matte small and hard, mainly used to deal with relatively thick layer of the stratum corneum (such as heel dead skin).


1. shoot water, take the emulsion to absorb fast. In addition to the face, exfoliating, wash the instrument has a better application is "on the makeup." You can use the soft brush to replace the palm of your hand to "shoot water", "shoot emulsion", both a good massage effect, but also promote the absorption of active ingredients.

2. to black head effect is good. Electric Wash Face shaker produced by the high-frequency sound waves coupled with soft bristles, can play a very good black to the effect, you can easily remove the face blackheads.

3. Brush material is very important. Be sure to choose a soft, fine animal hair brush, try to avoid the use of artificial fur brush.


1. Use the brush to Electric Wash Face can not be too long, usually 1-3 minutes like, do not exceed the normal face of the time; do not recommend frequent use, usually recommended a week to use one or two brush can be.

2. should not "dry clean". It is not advisable to Electric Wash Face directly without using a cleanser and make-up water.

3. Do not squeeze too much cleanser. Facial creams produced by the bubble will be high-frequency vibration of the brush splashing, it is recommended from less to more, the amount of like.