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Elderly Use Electronic Massager With Caution
- Oct 11, 2017 -

Honor parents, more and more people choose to send electronic massager. Advertising is overwhelming, claiming that the massager from the treatment to health nothing but from the health care experts understand that the massager is not applicable to all, especially poor heart and lung function of the elderly to be careful. Due to the lack of targeted, its health function is also very limited, the elderly if you need to massager, the best choice for manual.

The massager is more suitable for young people. Electronic massage can simulate the staff, by kneading, pinching, press, knock and other methods to promote local blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, relieve muscle fatigue. Young people in the prime of life, energetic, long-term work in the air-conditioned room, easily lead to cervical spondylosis, knee swelling and pain, back pain, can choose a lower frequency, the intensity of the strong electronic massager. But the elderly because of decreased body function, poor vascular elasticity, high-intensity massager will generally exceed the elderly body load, causing high blood pressure, or even shock.

Poor heart and lung function hanged. Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Xiyuan Hospital rehabilitation health care division deputy chief physician Zhuang Ping said that physical weakness, thinner, poor heart and lung function of the elderly do not recommend the use of electronic massage. "Heart disease, high blood pressure, blood disease patients with caution, low platelets, bleeding tendency of patients to be disabled." Zhuang Ping suggested.

Electronic massager will accelerate the speed of blood circulation, to promote telangiectasia, local blood flow increased, if the massager site has occurred lesions, this time massage not only can not play the role of health care, but will be counterproductive, aggravate the condition and even induce new disease. Therefore, the occurrence of fractures, skin damage, etc. should not be used.

Alzheimer's patients are unresponsive, and diabetic patients are slow in the brain, and these two patients should not use the electronic massager under unguarded care, or they may cause serious consequences if they are not found in time.

Hand massager is best. "Massager is just the role of relaxation of the muscles, the neck and shoulder discomfort, back pain have a certain role in alleviation, really sick or to find a doctor." Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Xiyuan Hospital physiotherapy rehabilitation physician Geng cited. Everyone's health is very different, if not long-term use, it is difficult to see the obvious improvement effect.

Elderly people can choose manual massager, for different parts of the body, the appropriate control of strength, in order to play a real role in health care. Has bought a massager of the elderly, in the case of physical permission, you can use the gradual use of the most gentle massager, each time more than 20 minutes, up to twice a day.