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Develop 11 Healthy Bad Habits
- Jan 16, 2017 -

1 reasonable anger beneficial blood pressure

Yes, anger can raise blood pressure. But the Carnegie Mellon University study found that in the depressing situation properly in an angry response, blood pressure will not only maintain the normal level, the secretion of stress hormone cortisol production will be reduced accordingly.

Psychological research shows that anger makes you a more positive attitude and sense of control; when the shot is not shot, hang back, trying to control emotions, stress hormones will swell. If things go on like this, heart disease will stare at you "".

2 video games to help you exercise

Who said that playing video games make people fat? Scientists at the University of Miami found that when people play video games, their heart rate increases, they breathe faster, and the body consumes more energy. Arlette. Dr. Perry believes that if you can not participate in real physical exercise, playing games can also help to lose weight, at least silly than sitting on the sofa, eating french fries watching TV, but the premise is not too long to play.

3 say rude words to ease the pain

Swearing is a record of bad habits, but the benefits of pain relief. Psychologist Richard. Dr. Stephen said that relevant regulation of language and adrenaline, which aggravated the human aggression.

Studies have shown that the more a person wants to infringe on others, he is less sensitive to pain. Our ancestors underwent surgery in the absence of drug cases, mouth bite boards, but they can swear and ease the pain.