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Chinese Massage Equipment Industry Should Accelerate The Development Of Low-end
- Jan 16, 2017 -

"12th Five-Year" rely on scientific and technological progress, improve the level of equipment, and actively adopt new technology, new materials. To increase the independent research and development efforts, strengthen the massage appliance enterprises and equipment enterprises, determine the focus, joint research; increase investment, especially the processing center of some big enterprises to actively introduce and absorb the international first-class level, promote the whole industry quality level; to do the surface treatment and processing technology, improve the durability and decorative products; development and application of new technology and new materials, improve product safety, durability and decoration at the same time, saving energy, reducing pollution and improving efficiency. Guided by the market, increase efforts to adjust product structure, selecting the right starting point, the high-tech and high value-added massager commercial lock as a development focus, increase materials technology, technology and international standards efforts. Implementing famous brand strategy. To further enhance brand awareness, quality management, strict quality standards, produced a number of excellent quality, launched in the domestic market has a certain influence on the massager brand. In the face of economic globalization, domestic and foreign two markets together. Expanding residential, automotive, hotel and other pillar industries and defense, security, finance and other systems on the need for high security products. Create a new situation in the market of the massager.