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Analysis Of The Market Prospect Of Massage Apparatus
- Jan 16, 2017 -

2008, the global market size of massage equipment about $5 billion 600 million. Among them, the American massage appliance market capacity is about $1 billion 380 million; the asian massage appliance market capacity is about $2 billion 20 million; the European massage appliance market capacity is about $1 billion 590 million; Oceania massage appliance market capacity is about $110 million. 2008, the global market capacity of massage chairs about $1 billion 600 million. By 2012, the global market size of massage chairs will reach $3 billion 300 million. 2009 Global massage equipment market is still expected to maintain steady growth, but affected by the financial crisis, the growth rate will decline.

With the global economic recovery is expected, the annual growth rate of China's exports of massage appliances can still be restored to a higher level of 15-20%. By 2012, the market size of the massage device is expected to reach $8 billion 147 million.

Affected by the international financial crisis, since 2008, China's international trade of massage equipment is not a small impact. According to customs statistics, in 2008, Chinese massage appliance products import and export amounted to $1 billion 75 million, an increase of only 8.76%. Among them, exports amounted to $1 billion 47 million, an increase of 8.89%; imports amounted to $28 million, an increase of 4.03%. Export growth has dropped significantly in the past 5 years, the lowest rate of export growth in the year, is one of the hardest hit by the impact of the export of pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. In recent years, the international market for our products massage appliance has maintained a strong demand trend, while the domestic manufacturing level, but also for the Chinese massage appliance manufacturing provides guarantee, resulting in the world's production capacity is gradually transferred to China, China has become the world manufacturing center of massage appliance. Before the outbreak of the financial crisis, China's export of massage appliance has been showing rapid steady growth, exports in 2001 amounted to $174 million 240 thousand, exports in 2007 amounted to $961 million 430 thousand, an average annual growth of 27.97% during the 7 years of export. However, in 2008, China's massager with exports of $1 billion 46 million 900 thousand, an increase of only 8.9%, the amount of exports dropped significantly increase.