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Mini Shoulder And Cervical Spine Massager

Mini Shoulder And Cervical Spine Massager

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Mini Shoulder and Cervical Spine Massager

SW808 mini shoulder and cervical spine massager is a massage health care device based on TENS technology. TENS technology, also called transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation technology, is a technology to use low-frequency harmless biomimetic current to stimulate nervous cells for therapy. This massager can rhythmically stimulate your tight muscles and sensory nerves, to relax your muscles and nerves and eliminate muscle pain. It has good therapeutic effect for sedentary lumbar pain, back pain and exercise muscle injury. It can relieve pain, relax muscles, quickly repair muscle vitality, promote blood circulation and reduce the accumulation of lactic acid after exercise.


SW808 MINI Health Care Slimming Massager


Whiter Orange


TENS Technology

Power supply:

Battery support 4 hours

Unit size:


Unit weight:


Box Weight:


Surfacing Materials:


Gift box size:



Manual, Micro-USB cable, 1PCS Electrode Pads


The device has three modes and nine intensity levels. Mode A is Fat burning mode,mode B is deep fat burning mode and mode C is vibration weight loss mode. You can change the massage mode by short pressing the On/Off button and adjust the intensity with "+" and "-" bottons. It combines a variety of massage techniques in one and can be used on the shoulders, spine, waist, hands, feet, legs, arms, knees, buttocks, waist and back, Its compact size and light weight makes a household massager for the whole family and a portable massager for a variety of occasions.


Not suitable for Disabled people, children, pregnent women, patient

Forbidden to use on Head, Chest, Current allergy, Privates, Fore neck

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