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Intelligent Massage

Intelligent massager is a safe, portable and smart fashion and health product. The intelligent massager is developed with the international leading TENS (cutaneous nerve electrical stimulation therapy) technology as the core, using low-frequency pulse micro-current to the physical therapy of human sub-health (acid, bloating, pain, hemp, stiffness) and acupoints. The whole massage process simulates Chinese massage, scraping, acupuncture, beating, kneading and other massage techniques.
As a massage device for emerging health care products, intelligent massager has the effect of promoting local blood circulation and accelerating metabolism, which can relax the body after a tired day, and is beneficial to eliminate fatigue, thereby exerting a certain fitness effect.
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* Use micro-current stimulation massage to promote blood circulation;
* Easy to operate with Bluetooth control on mobile phones; * Intelligent voice prompt design is more user-friendly;
* Compact size and easy to carry, so you can enjoy a comfortable massage anytime, anywhere;
* Edible grade environmentally friendly silicone material, high temperature resistance, soft texture and high permeability;
* The built-in polymer battery eliminates the risk of explosion and is very safe.
* The intelligent massager integrates repair, fitness, soothing and vitality modes, and scientifically and rationally uses a variety of massage techniques to relax body and mind and relieve fatigue.
* Relax muscle tension, repair muscle strain and strain, eliminate blood stasis and relieve pain.
* Enhance the activity of tendon activity, improve blood and lymph circulation, and achieve the effect of slimming exercise.
* Relax with daily massage, warm the meridians, reconcile the blood, and keep your body in top condition.
* Relax with massage, speed up blood circulation, relax tight nerves, and quickly relieve work fatigue.
* Promotes blood circulation through a variety of stimuli such as high speed and low speed.
* Fatigue is eliminated by a variety of stimuli such as low-speed, high-speed stimulation and high-low-speed frequency interleaving.
* Nervous or muscle pain is gradually eliminated by stimulation with force and light pressure.
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