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Why do you use a face wash?
- Jan 16, 2017 -

1 reasons: not enough clean hands

Hand wash your face with the cleansing products, many people will not to rub the skin, so that to wash, but this fact is ignored is the face wash products play a key role in cleaning, rather than relying on finger friction. Our skin surface and pores in the accumulation of old waste cutin, blackheads and other oxidation waste and grease dirt, only rely on simple cleansers and finger friction is not completely clear, need to clean up the deep clean way.

2 reasons: the fingers clean force head, easy to hurt the skin

At the same time, our skin is far from than we can imagine is much thinner, excessive friction fingers will bring the burden to the delicate skin, wash hands, rub a little too pat efforts would be very easy to cause the thin skin accumulation and relaxation, and then give birth to wrinkles.

3 reasons: the use of face artifact can promote the absorption of subsequent product ingredients

In addition to dirt on our skin external floating dirty air particles, and because too much is not absorbed by the skin care products in the pores of the skin to absorb skin care products, days and months multiplying, nutrition channel is blocked, it cannot get normal maintenance effect. Must use its deep cleansing, in order to allow the skin to return to the most pure state, smooth absorption of subsequent maintenance, conditioning the skin to restore water health.