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The wind Mi network wash artifact become hot love family favorite face
- Jan 16, 2017 -

"Wash your face artifact" hot

I work in a foreign trade company, Miss Mao, but also part of doing business in the WeChat circle of friends, often upload the latest fashionable products, which face the artifact of a price of 200 yuan is one of the best selling products, in January this year, she was sold to a 50. Simply describe these artifacts, they are electric brushes, similar to electric toothbrushes, but the role is to wash your face.

How red is the face artifact? Open Taobao, enter the "face" in the search bar, will automatically jump out of the word artifact". The reporters found that many brands face artifact, a superb collection of beautiful things, under the banner of "light" and "ultrasonic" and "ion" and other high-tech words, from ten dollars to thousands of dollars, many shop sales face artifact are thousands of pieces, in a purchasing shop, a price of seven hundred or eight hundred yuan face artifact recently, sales of 80.

In micro-blog, WeChat, "wash artifact" is also a popular discussion, associated with the "wash artifact of micro-blog to Jibaiduowan, these Slide Show sun is mostly the young girl, keen to take care of their own face.