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Proper use of mini massager:
- Jan 16, 2017 -

As we all know, buy a massager, connected to the power supply, can be directly used, in fact, that is not the case, the correct method should be like this, can be divided into several parts, and then use, the effect is better.

First, we buy the products in the market, from the production assembly, to the sales channel, do not know how many links, so the first thing we need to do is disinfection, cleaning products shell, then you say I bought is bright and beautiful, what is the problem? There is a problem, after such a link, after so many transportation, packaging, with microbial products, so we use before the first wipe with alcohol is the best, then, this is the best and most health, but also the most conducive to the health of themselves and their families.

Second, after cleaning the product, we first connect the USB line or open the upper cover into the number 3 batteries, check whether the normal power supply, if it works, we can rest assured that the use of the;

Third, the use of Mini Massager, massage is the need to pay attention to the different parts of our body, the difference of vibration strength, such as massage head, face and other vulnerable parts of the body, we have to choose Xuan weak file, is the vibration intensity to be smaller, so for our health is very good, as well as other parts of can choose to use strong, strong motion, feel more comfortable and better.