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Note the Mini Massager
- Jan 16, 2017 -

1, fasting, satiety, and drink after strenuous exercise

To avoid the cervical vertebra massager, especially the strong effect of massage, because it will make the blood flow accelerated, stomach smooth muscle activity, the formation of disgust, vomiting, chest tightness, shortness of breath and discomfort.

2, internal and external critically ill patients

For example: in patients with severe heart disease, liver disease, lung disease, acute gastric ulcer, acute abdomen patients and patients with various malignant tumors.

3, pregnant women and children should not use cervical vertebra massager

Pregnant women in Sanyinjiao acupoint massage, will affect the normal development of the fetus; newborns can not massage in anterior fontanel closure; children is in a period of strong growth, usually do not need or not using the cervical vertebra massager.

4, physical weakness can not stand the effect of subtle methods,

Jiubingtixu, old and infirm.

5, patients with sore, tumor site

Since then for surface movement can make the blood capillary expansion, partial blood flow is added, the lesion is dispersed and intensified by illness.

6, there are open injury

For example, patients with vascular and nerve anastomosis.