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Electronic Vibration Washing Apparatus

Electronic Vibration Washing Apparatus

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Electronic Vibration Washing Apparatus

801 Plus Electric Wash Face is a 4 in 1 Electronic Vibration Washing Apparatus based on sonic micro-vibration technology. It comes with 4 brush headers with different functions, which can realize the functions of cleaning pores, blackhead and aging dead skin, facial massage, soothing nerves and accelerating blood circulation. It has S-type streamlined hand-held design and is convenient and comfortable to hold in hand. Simple switch design makes it easy to operate.


801 Plus Electric Wash Face


Blue, Pink


3D Micro vibration

Power supply:

DC 5V  and  battery support 4 hours

Unit size:


Unit weight:


Box Weight:




Sponge MaterialMedical germproof cotton

Gift box size:



Manual, USB Cable, Based Holder, 4 Brush Headers

3. Features:

1) Unique sonic vibration skin cleaning technology, gentle and thorough cleaning of the skin, do not pull the skin, do not hurt the skin

2) ABS body waterproof, safer to use

3) USB charging interface, safe and convenient to charge

4) A button to turn on or off and adjust the speed, two speed stages for option

5) Removable brush header, 4 brush headers to choose from

6) Suitable for all skin types, normal skin, rough skin, grease skin, thin skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, mixed skin,etc.

4. Functions and Adaptive Skin of 4 brush headers:

Wash Brush Header: The standard brush to clean the pores, remove blackhead, suitable for rough skin, grease skin and mixed skin

Multi Point Massage Header: Facial massage to promote facial moisture absorption, suitable for all skin

Makeup Sponge Brush Header: Remover, cleaning residues, clean the skin, get rid of black eyes, suitable for normal skin, mixed skin and dry skin

Soft Brush Header: Sensitive brush, super soft, suitable for thin skin, suitable for redness skin, normal skin, mixed skin and sensitive skin

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