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Electric Wash Face Brush Machine Facial Pore Clean

Electric Wash Face Brush Machine Facial Pore Clean

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Electric Wash Face Brush Machine Facial Pore Clean

YHK801 electric wash face machine is a 3 in 1 Electric beauty and health device with 1 pc Brush Header, 1 pc sponge header and 1 pc soft brush header for all skin types. It is based on 3D sonic micro-vibration and massage technology. The fine fiber hair of the header can deep cleanse the skin and pores and remove makeup remnants, dirt and pores that can not be removed by hand washing. It is much better than the traditional facial cleanser and hand-washing. It can also promote the absorption of skin care products and effectively smooth the skin fine lines. 


YHK 801 electric wash face machine


Blue, Pink


3D Micro vibration

Power supply:

DC 4.5 V and battery support 5 hours

Unit size:


Unit weight:


Box Weight:


Surfacing Materials:


Gift box size:



Manual, DC Header, USB Cable, Based Holder, 1 pc wash Brush Header, 1 pc sponge header, 1 pc soft brush header


1) Exfoliate, clean pores, reduce grease, remove dead skin, blackheads and acne

2) Smoothes the skin and lightens lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin younger

3) Promote the absorption of  skin care products 

4) Brush hair is extremely gentle, no damage to face, not easy to absorb bacteria, easy to clean

5) Easy to remove makeup, no dead zone

6) The brush header is easy to replace

Product instructions


Use Time: 2 ~ 3 times a week

A time 1 ~ 2 minutes, for the thin skin, 1 time

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