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Face Cleansing Brush Cvs And Skin Pore Cleanser And Makeup Spin Brush

Model 5: YHK801 Electric Wash Face 1.Description The model 801 is designed and produced a beauty products by WYET ,it is a 3in 1 face cleansing brush cvs , the 801 skin pore electric cleanser can clean acne and dirty from pores and remove the black and whitening face beauty product.,it is fast...

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Face Cleansing Brush Cvs And Skin Pore Cleanser And Makeup Spin Brush

Model 5:  YHK801 Electric Wash Face


         The model 801 is designed and produced a beauty products by WYET ,it is a 3in 1 face cleansing brush cvs , the 801 skin pore electric cleanser can clean acne and dirty from pores and remove the black and whitening face beauty product.,it is fast makeup spin brush and electric massage for woman face.

      WYET offers best pore cleanser and exfoliating brush for face ,it is a professional and successful OEM and OEM factory with electric face cleansing brush in Dongguan City in China , all products have a good quantity with CE and FCC and RoHS certification,we will provide excellent service and competitive price for you, we are expecting become your long-term partner.  


2. Spec 


 YHK 801  Electric Wash Face


Blue, Pink


3D Micro vibration

Power supply:

DC 4.5 V and battery support 5 hours

Unit size:


Unit weight:


Box Weight:


Surfacing Materials:


Gift box size:



Manual, DC Header, USB Cable, Based Holder, Brush Header




3. Function

No.1:  3 in 1 Electronic cleansing instrument, include clean the face, massage face and facial care.


No.2:  Deep cleaning and removing the dirt from face pores, quickly clean the face


No.3:  3D Micro vibration massage technology, reach to promote facial blood circulation and facial water absorption.


No.4:  Application of physical technology, Non invasive beauty Product, Non chemical substances,

No damage to the face


4.Illustration and Manual





Use Time: 2 ~ 3 times a week

A time 1 ~ 2 minutes, the skin thin face, the use of the 1 time OK

Warning: Not Excessive Use



Dry and rough skin can not be used;allergic skin can not be used;red and swollen skin can not be used


The use of facial cleanser,you can not press the face is too tight,feel comfortable is ok.


In order to ensure the normal use,you need clean device and accessories.


Device excerpt the cleaning brush with boiling water disinfection,other accessories cleaning water temperature should not exceed 50 degrees,need dry and pack to prevent dust after clear device


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