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Electric Wash Face Brush

Electric wash face brush uses innovative micro-technical bristles and a 360° rotating cleaning system to make this facial brush softer and cleaner, avoiding scratches or skin damage, suitable for all skin types. A variety of different rotating cleansing brushes for cleaning, exfoliating and massage. Electric wash face brush is 100% waterproof to ensure safety when used in a bathroom or shower. Please clean and dry the electric acne after use, and put the facial exfoliating brush into the holder for quick drying. Water accumulation. Its use helps remove blackheads and whiteheads, effectively reaching areas that are difficult to clean, such as the side of the nose and the face of the T-zone.
Our premium electric wash face brush comes with a variety of unique brushes to meet your needs and provide you with a complete skincare experience. As long as you need it, you can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing massage at home to provide your skin with the proper massage! The electric wash face brush will ensure that you get a luxurious massage that will make your skin more nutritious and absorb the cream, and you will feel the added and rejuvenated like never before.
Our face is the main source of our beauty and brilliance, so we should give it the care it needs! Grab our electric wash face brush to make any face glow! WellYie Electronic is one of the best suppliers and manufacturers in China. Please feel assured to shop online for the quality and effective electric wash face brush made in China from our factory. We also offer OEM and ODM service. If you want to buy bulk discount customized electric wash face brush, welcome you to get the free sample from us.
1. Reduce acne scars, polish and brighten your skin.
2. Keep the skin deep clean, remove blackheads, and make the pores smaller.
3. Reduce wrinkles by exfoliating and massage to firm skin.
4. Massage your skin, activate skin elasticity, and absorb the nutrients in the beauty cream.
5. Get fresh skin tone by stimulating blood circulation and metabolism.
1. Advanced innovative micro technology makes this rotating facial brush softer and cleaner
2. Avoid scratching or damaging the skin, suitable for all skin types.
3. It is a good tool for makeup remover without any pollution to sensitive skin.
4. Easy to carry, perfect for family or travel.
5. A perfect gift for a gift from mom, wife, girlfriend!